You’ve discovered you’re autistic. Now what?

Getting an autism diagnosis as an adult (especially an adult woman) can be a challenge.

And in my experience, once you do get that diagnosis (or you self-diagnose – as many people do when they’re not able to access an ‘official’ diagnosis), it can feel like a huge anti-climax. 

You feel like a question that’s been bugging you your whole life has finally been answered… but now what? 

You’re given a diagnosis and sent on your way. And no one seems as interested in your moments of revelation as you are. You have possibly decades of masking to unpick, but there’s no real support offered. Nothing quite seems like a good fit.

My vision is to amplify the voices of autistic women and create a sense of community.

This is why I’m creating Squarepeg. Starting with the Squarepeg podcast, launching Saturday 2 October.

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