[51] S4, Ep8: Diagnosis difficulties, toxic workplaces and discovering joyful and purposeful work
Topics in this episode: ADHD, autism at work, coming out, employment, masking, misdiagnosis, reasonable adjustments, self diagnosed, self employment

Suzi Payton is a life coach, stand-up comedian, comedy improvisation teacher and autism trainer from Brighton in the UK. She is 46 and has been diagnosed with ‘clinically significant autistic traits’, but believes that her lifelong masking has prevented her from receiving a full diagnosis. She does have a diagnosis of inattentive ADHD. 

When her 17-year teaching career ended after she experienced workplace bullying and gaslighting she became self employed, and she now coaches other neurodivergent adults and delivers autism training to organisations. 

She is passionate about supporting other autistic people to identify and celebrate their strengths and to get support with challenges.

In our conversation we talk about:

➡ Her difficulties getting a diagnosis

➡ Sensory and communication issues, toxic workplaces and bullying at work

➡ Being out as a neurodivergent person in the workplace

➡ Her work as a coach to other neurodivergent adults

➡ Discovering improv and drama, and finding what she needed to thrive and enjoy her life and work

Squarepeg is a podcast in which neurodivergent women, and trans and nonbinary people, explore navigating a neurotypical world and share their insights, challenges and successes.

I hope that these conversations will be inspiring and thought provoking, open you up to new ways of thinking about being neurodivergent, and help you feel more connected to a worldwide community of people with similar experiences.

I’m Amy Richards, and after being diagnosed autistic at the age of 37 I’m now on a mission to learn more about different perspectives and issues around being a neurodivergent adult in a world that feels like it doesn’t quite fit.



Suzi’s website: www.suzipayton.com

Her Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/suzipayton_coach_comedian/

Her article about improv:



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